Learn how to write an incredible wedding speech using a step-by-step method in just an hour.

No overwhelming pressure. no confusion about what to write.  and - the biggie - no need to be a "writer".


Sound familiar?

Does the idea of speech-writing make you mentally crap your dacks? 

You're definitely not alone. You might be feeling nervous about writing your wedding speech. Or about delivering it. Or all of the above. 

If you:

  • Have no idea what to say or include in your speech
  • Feel like nothing you say will be 'big enough' for the moment
  • Don't think you're a writer so it'll be rubbish
  • Want it to be the perfect blend of heartfelt and funny but without trying
  • Are feeling a good deal of self-pressure 

 Then we are here to offer you a fresh pair of pants and help. πŸ™Œ

What if we told you that by the end of this workshop, you'd be busting to write your speech?

Truly. But, [cue standard line] wait! There's more! 

What if you could follow a super simple five-step method to write a wedding speech that’ll have your guests laughing, wiping away tears and raising their glasses to how bloody glorious you and your partner are?

What if we told you that we’ve got a workshop that will take all the mystery and nerves out of wedding speech-writing by guiding you on EXACTLY what to say, and in what order? 

One final hypothetical. Just to drive home the point, y' know.

Here it is: what if we could remove (or at least DRAMATICALLY reduce) any public speaking nerves? So you’re actually LOOKING FORWARD to this part of your wedding?

That'd be pretty powerful. Trust us, we know - because we've been in your shoes. That is, feeling nervous AF about this whole speech shebang.


Hello. We're your speech-writing sidekicks.

*waving enthusiastically* Mel and Amy here. We're the co-founders of the wedding platform Wedshed and your hosts for this workshop. 

Over the last seven years working in the industry, we've watched hundreds (if not thousands) of wedding speeches. And there are key things in common between the better ones. We've taken the logic, put it into a framework and - voila! We can't wait to share it with you. 

We're also award-winning copywriters and communicators by trade. And we've delivered speeches at our own weddings (and on stages, in boardrooms, etc). We know your shoes well.


This isn't a Toastmasters thing. No sirree.

We're talking about your wedding speech. Not a corporate presentation. And we're going to treat it as such (read: take the pressure down, inject the feels, drink wine while we're at it. Yes, really 🍷).

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • Knowing exactly what and who to include in your wedding speech and in what order to make the most impact.
  • Making your partner and special friends/fam's hearts soar with thoughtful words and memories shared.
  • Feeling fecking phenomenal knowing you've got a speech to deliver that sounds like YOU. Nothing generic to see here.
  • Enjoying the lead-up to your wedding feeling cool and calm, vs. sweating bullets at the thought of a speech.

Sounds pretty good, right?


Learn how to write an incredibly engaging wedding speech that's  completely personal to YOU, step-by-step. 

The Wedding Speech-Writing Workshop is everything you need to:

  • Write AND deliver a meaningful speech you'll be proud of
  • Hit the perfect balance of heartfelt and humorous
  • Banish nerves, confusion and that 'um, wtf am I doing' feeling

Part one

The welcome

Before we teach you the what and how of wedding speeches, we're going to tackle the why. Because the impact of your wedding speech? It's bigger than you think.

  • Why your wedding speech matters
  • Our own wedding speech experience (the good, the bad, the ugly crying)
  • How we learned a thing or two from watching countless wedding speeches (and telling stories for a living)

Part two

Speeches 101

Friends, if we haven't won you over during the intro, this is the part where we really are going to become pals. Because we're dishing out extremely practical, tried-and-tested tips like they're going out of fash (they're not though. They're timeless).  

  • Who delivers speeches at weddings
  • When to do your wedding speech (timing for seated vs. cocktail weddings) 
  • How to manage public speaking nerves
  • Do's and (definitely) don't's 
  • Recommended speech length

Part three

the BRAVO method

Our five-step speech writing method SPECIFICALLY for weddings.  This πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ shiz you came here for.

We're teaching you exactly what to include in your speech and in what order to make it as engaging as possible. And we've got speech examples to prove the point.

  • The BRAVO method: our five step speech-writing guide
  • Our top tips to nail the delivery (including hacks to hide nerves)

Part four

Real questions, answered

We round out the workshop with a series of questions asked by real couples covering sensitive things like: 

  • Do I acknowledge a family member that I have a strained relationship with?
  • How do I ensure there's a similar emotion level between my partner and I's speeches?
  • What do I do if someone is assuming they'll be making a speech but we don't want them to?

And more.

On top of all that, you've got bonus resources to help you actually get it done.

let's dive into your resources

Your speech-writing workbook

When you're ready to roll up your sleeves, we're right here to support you and make the process as clear, fun and inspiring as possible. 

Your workbook guides you through each section of our BRAVO method, with prompts, thought-starters and ideas to use to create your own amazing, personal speech. You've got this. πŸ’ͺ

$197 value

Speech example sheet

Just to make sure you've got all the possible tools to nail this, we share examples of what each section of your speech could look like, using our five-step method.

$127 value

are you ready?

  • 4-part workshop video series (Valued at $497)
  • Wedding speech-writing workbook (Valued at $197)
  • Speech example sheet (Valued at $127)
  • Total value $821





Buy it, try it, apply it.

We've made this workshop ridic-good value to help as many couples as we can. If for any reason you don't feel like you got what you came here for, then we'll happily sling your cash back within 14 days of purchase - zero questions asked.








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