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Newly engaged (congrats, btw)? No idea where to start?

Or perhaps you’ve been planning your wedding but can't shake the feeling that you're missing something? Or just want some extra support and step-by-step guidance? 

Either way, welcome. You’re gonna like it here.

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Your 'best day yet' is around the corner.

The catch? There's a bit of work to do. And unless you're a party-planner by trade, it's all new territory.

Big day, your way. We'll show you how. 

Consider your hand officially held. We Do Crew takes you from "no clue" to "just married" and e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e in between. 

 Videos, guides, tools, workbooks and cheerleading.

Also, live Q&A sessions, on-demand planning webinars, and discounts on incredible brand partners. 

Lauren H

We Do Crew is honestly the most helpful and friendly place I've found on the internet when it comes to planning your wedding. The girls are generous, creative and I'm getting so many ideas I'd never have thought of.

Olivia B

This whole time I've felt like I was winging my wedding. Finally I have confidence that I've got everything covered, but also that it's not just cookie-cutter and is personal to us which is really important but not easy to nail. THANK YOU WDC! 

Mel A

The wedipedia is worth it alone but the extra resources and templates have me coming back and using my membership every week. Life and sanity savers, truly. Every bride or groom needs to be in the crew.

Ready to create a day that says "this is us"? 

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